Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby Gifts

I've been knitting again. Bear with me while I indulge myself showing you a few photos.

For the first baby shower I just made a simple hat because I took other presents. This is a cute pattern from Purlbee called Laura's Loop Garter Ear Flap Hat. You can find the pattern here. It's only one of many cute patterns on this site. The yarn used was called Drops Merino, which is a soft 100% Merino DK wool. I used sizes 7 and 8 double pointed needles. It took me a couple of hours to make this, in the evenings watching TV.

Laura's Loop Garter Ear Flap Hat in Drops Merino

Then for the next baby shower, I made a couple of things.

The cardigan is a pattern called Puerperium Cardigan and is designed for a newborn baby. It is quite small, doesn't use much yarn, and is quick to knit. You can search for it on if you're interested. I modified the pattern slightly by shifting the opening over a few stitches. I used Debbie Bliss Rialto DK 100% Merino wool, similar to the previous hat. I love this yarn because it's so soft and washable, perfect for baby clothes. 

The hat is from a pattern called Preemie Fruit Orchard Hat by Lullaby Lamb handed down to me by my knitting friend in Florida. I used the same yarn as the previous hat. 

After finishing the cardigan and hat I thought the set needed some socks to round out the ensemble. So I found a pair in my finished stash. The sock pattern is called Sockotta by Plymouth Yarn Design Studio and came from my same friend. The yarn is a fingering weight yarn, most likely a Red Heart wool nylon blend.

Knitted baby cardigan, hat and socks

The Puerperium cardigan in Debbie Bliss Merino

The cardigan is embellished with a crocheted flower and knitted leaf.

I chose to use matching buttons.

I stitched a heart shape out of felt with "handmade" just so they'd know it didn't come from China.

The stitching created another heart shape on the back

The Preemie Fruit Orchard Hat in Drops Merino

I embellished the hat with another crocheted flower and knitted leaf.

The Sockotta sock from my stash

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