Saturday, July 29, 2017


We heard the noise first. The chickens make a very distinctive squawk when there is something of danger around. Usually it's a hawk flying low overhead. Whenever we're home, we go outside quickly to see what is happening. I grab my .22 rifle when I can.

This time it was a bobcat. A pretty good sized bobcat. It was about the size of our dog, so I'd guess about 2 feet high and weighing 50 pounds. He was stalking the chickens, pacing back and forth at the backside of the fencing. Waiting. The chickens panicked and started hopping and flying all over the place. Some made it inside the coop. Some flew over the fencing.

The bobcat caught one outside the fencing and dashed off into the woods. It all happened so quickly there was no time for photos and barely any time for getting a round or two off. All that was left were the feathers.

20 chickens now. 19 hens and one rooster.


  1. Nature can be harsh. We city folk often hear about human on human violence, but we forget that life on earth is hard everywhere.

    1. It's their way of reminding us that we are in their territory.