Tuesday, July 18, 2017


We were given a kitten about six weeks ago by a family friend and fellow blogger. She had found it abandoned at the church building and felt sorry for it. When she mentioned that she didn't really need another cat, I told her we were desperate for cats. 

We really need several outside cats. Our mice are taking over the garage at the moment. I don't mind so much sharing a space, but they are so messy and destructive. I am beginning to despise them. 

We were letting the kitten roam inside the house for the first few days until we noticed fleas. At that point she was banished to the laundry room. We worked on the fleas for a week or so but they are just tricky. The flea collars do not work, if you were wondering. So we took her to the vet and he treated her for worms and ear mites as well. We're hoping the fleas are gone now. After a couple weeks we started letting her outside during the day and bringing her inside at night. Once she gets a little bigger, she'll stay outside all the time.

We've named her Honey, because she is a very light brown color. But I tend to mostly call her Kitty.

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