Monday, July 10, 2017


I wasn't planning to plant watermelon this year. The last time I tried to grow watermelons it was pretty much a waste of time. Well, the chickens enjoyed them. I was actually thinking I'd plant cantaloupes but then several watermelon plants sprouted without being planted. I guess they came from last year's plant.

The vines were spreading out and blossoming and doing well. Then something happened and the vines began to wither. At first I thought it was not enough water. Then I noticed white bugs that I'm guessing are watermelon pests since they looked just like white watermelon seeds. I have since then googled a little and think they are called squash bugs. Pesky squash bugs.

I've watched and waited and finally decided to cut one off and cut it open. It was edible, I guess, but not a very good specimen. We ate some of it and gave the rind to the chickens. Then today I went ahead and just picked all of them and pulled up the vines. I'm just going to cut my losses and plant something else in that space.

I think one will be edible but the rest are either too small or have rotten places. The only good thing is that the chickens will love them.


  1. Yep. I got two watermelon off my volunteer vine this year before the squash bugs killed it. Seriously, squash bugs have made it nearly impossible for me to grow watermelon, squash, or pumpkin for the last three years. It's hardly worth trying anymore.

    1. They are pesky. They migrated over to my okra now.