Monday, April 15, 2013


Finally something is finished! The Guv'nor and I were remarking the other day that we have about a dozen jobs around the property that are half finished. As you start one job and run into a snag, you pick another job to do, thus never really finishing anything. It frustrates us.
I can now report that the back deck is completely finished. When the contractor gave us the choice back in February of having a big crew which would take a short time (days) versus the one man crew that would take a longer time (weeks), we chose the one man option.

It took our deck man Heath 25 days to tear down and rebuild the back deck. But along the way,  as he worked methodically every day, stopping often to contemplate his work and figure his next step, we came to appreciate his routine and realize he was building a work of art. 

We soon learned that the old deck had been built without sufficient foundation, which lead to the warped boards. In addition, the Priors hadn't looked after it very well, so many boards were rotten. As the deck was dismantled, Heath carefully removed all the nails and screws and stacked all the good and reusable boards. We plan to use the old boards for various projects around the property.

In a couple of months after the boards have dried out, we will stain and seal the deck.




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