Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Triple Composter

We've already used some of the scrap wood from the old deck and built a triple composter. We were able to take advantage of all the tools readily available while building the deck. We used the Homestead Heritage model which used old pallets. There are three sections which, in theory, would be composting at various stages to provide compost ready to use at any time.

After giving Heath, our deck man, a few guidelines, he knew just what to do. He put Son to work screwing the boards together while he sawed them. It took them a couple of hours. It turned out nicer than expected.

The Homestead Heritage model used old pallets.

The composter was built in place. Each section is about 4 ft. wide, 3 ft. deep, 3 ft. high.

We used 3x3 posts and 1x5s.

The front was built to slide in boards.

The old deck boards were the perfect size.

The front boards can be added as needed.

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