Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Youth Expo

Our neighbor invited me to tag along with her the other day to the county Youth Expo. She had a friend from her church who was showing rabbits. It sounded fun, but I had no idea what a youth expo was. I should've asked more questions. I thought it might be like a science fair or a school assembly.

It turned out to be a bit like a county or state fair except without all the midway rides and the fried butter. It was held in a big barn on the outside of town. So it wasn't the day to wear the cute shoes I'd worn. Everyone else was wearing cowboy boots. I'll know next time.

The agriculture students in the county show their livestock and get judged and win prizes. Some even win scholarships. Most of them have been working on their project for months. Since we had gone to see the rabbits, we sat and watched while the judge inspected various breeds of rabbits and awarded ribbons for the best ones. As it turned out, the rabbits that we'd gone to see were the best in their category.

We had a look around at the other animals on show - cows, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas. There was also a section for creative arts and cooking. I think my favorite thing was the llamas.

The expo was in a barn with a dirt floor.

Luckily I didn't ruin my shoes.

The first place rabbit.

These pigs were kissing through the cages.

This cow was perfectly groomed.

The llamas were partially clipped.

Don't know why this one was clipped this way.

Creative use of horseshoes.

Prize winning leather notebook holder.

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