Friday, May 10, 2013

Cole Slaw

If you had asked me six months ago I would have said I didn't like cole slaw. It was the sort of thing that came on your plate at a BBQ place. It was a garnish. It was always too sweet or too vinegary. It was the sort of thing you'd ask if you could substitute for something better.

Then while we were taking our homesteading class, we ate lunch at their cafe and everything changed. Cole slaw came with my pastrami sandwich and I actually liked it.

Ever since then, I've been trying to re-create their cole slaw - it was that good. One of my recipe books had a recipe which was good but not as good. Recently, I saw this recipe in one of their cookbooks and I think it comes pretty close.

I've actually got most of the family to like cole slaw now. It goes well with lots of things, but we've found it goes particularly well with pizza. It's a regular addition to our pizza party.

Cole Slaw Dressing  

(this is enough for one bag of store bought chopped or one head of cabbage)
3/4 C mayonnaise (I use one made without soybean oil)
1/2 C plain yogurt (I use Full Quiver Farm's made from raw milk)
2 T white vinegar (I also use organic apple cider vinegar)
1 T honey (raw)
1 T parsley (I use my dried hydroponic)
sea salt and pepper

The other crucial thing is chopping the cabbage finely. It makes all the difference. I tried once using a food processor and it was too fine. So I just chop it by hand with a good knife. It takes about fifteen minutes, start to finish.

Chop the shredded cabbage finely.

Take out all the tough cabbage pieces.

Use good ingredients.

I made a half recipe to go with the half bag of cabbage. Mixed it up in a measuring cup.

Finished product. Usually gets eaten that day, but will store up to a week.

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