Tuesday, May 21, 2013


All the hard work by Guv’nor, Tevia, Son, and Neighbor (with his post hole digger) on the fence line has finally paid off. Several sections of fencing are now finished. We now have two areas that are suitable for cows.

Neighbor was needing to rest his pasture so we have done a deal with him. His cows will graze in our fields and in exchange we get our fields mowed and fertilized all at the same time. What a deal. This is good practice for us until we are ready to buy our own cows.

He has some beautiful Red Angus cows and several cute little calves. He opened up his gate the other day and herded them across the road into our field.

This is a metal corner brace.

The corner braces were set in cement.

This is a "H" brace.

We bought new field fencing and "T" posts.

They used string to make sure they were making the fence straight.

The T post tie holds the barbed wire to the T post.

This is a pressure treated wood post.

Here's the field fencing with one line of barbed wire at the bottom to keep the wild hogs out.

Pressure treated wood posts were put about every 30 yards for stability.

They put two rows of barbed wire at the top.

Finished fencing.

Neighbor led his cows over on his four-wheeler with a bucket of feed. They'll follow him anywhere.

Most of the cows followed each other and crossed over the road happily.

A few calves got separated from their mothers and didn't know where to go.

One last cow found her way to the gate on our side.

Neighbor has about 30 Red Angus cows.

Then another section of fencing was done for us by a different neighbor who was wanting to keep his cows from crossing the creek bed. So he did a section of our fence down by the creek and used some of our cedar trees as posts. 

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