Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stray Dogs

Two stray dogs appeared one day out in the field where Guv'nor and Tevia were working on the fences. The dogs eventually found their way to the house. We were nervous at first to have them around but they seemed docile and passive. Dog, on the other hand, did not like them. Her first reaction was scary - barking and growling and showing teeth we had never seen before. Thankfully they didn't react. She eventually calmed down and allowed them near us, but she was always protectively between us and them.

We debated about what to do with them. We have heard that some of the best dogs started out being strays. Should we feed them? Should we keep them? Would they stay? Would Dog settle down? Could we afford the vet fees? Could we afford the dog food? Would they eat the chickens?

We felt sorry for them. They were just hungry.

So, we ended up feeding them - a couple of times leading them away from the house hoping they'd move on down the road. But they would come back.

The vote was divided amongst us about whether we should keep them or not. Some liked them, some were scared by them. Someone would have to clean them up. Although docile, they weren't trained. In the end we decided we weren't ready for two more dogs. 

So what could we do with them? They kept following us home when we tried to lead them away. We are outside the city limits, so the city didn't want them. The county doesn't provide a pick up service. The best option was to take them to the county animal shelter.

So Guv'nor took them in the back of his pickup to the shelter.  And for his time and effort, he had to pay $15 per dog to leave them there. It didn't seem fair that we would have to pay. It's a lose - lose situation. And will probably happen again.

We have since learned that one of our neighbors saw the lady in a car as she dropped them off and sped away too fast to get her license plate number. She's the one that needs to pay.


  1. This is sad. I hate when people do this. People in the city think if they take their dogs to the country, someone will take them in, or they're out of sight and out of mind. The reality is, a lot of strays get shot.

    1. That was 'Tevia's' first reaction. In the end it may be the most humane thing to do.