Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guns and Tea

I bet you're thinking that is a strange combination - guns and tea?

Daughter brought some of her friends out to visit last weekend. They wanted to see the progress we're making on our property. We gave them the usual tour and then got down to business. One of her friends, I'll call him Boyfriend, brought several guns with him, and plenty of ammo.

I am needing something to discourage the hawks from hovering around the chicken coop. Or for dealing with any other potential predators. Neighbor suggested a 410 might be a good option and something I could handle. Turns out Boyfriend had several in his arsenal and was willing to bring one out for me to try.

We all went down to the area we refer to as the shooting range. It's one of the few things that the Priors left that is actually useful. We blew through several rounds. It's amazing how quickly you can when someone else brought the boxes. I never quite got the hang of the clay targets. Maybe next time.

I liked the 410 and will be looking for a lighter version that I can handle.

When we'd had enough we all came in for afternoon tea. Yes, that's what we do. 

I forgot to take a photo before we started, so the photo below is midway through - sorry. On the menu this teatime was: croissants with ham and cheese, egg mayonnaise sandwiches (take note of the bright yellow of our eggs), rolls with herb and garlic soft cheese, crisps (potato chips), apple slices, and homemade scones with cream and jam. I threw in some store bought cakes/biscuits just for fun. And them lots of cups of hot tea with raw milk. I served the real stuff - Twinings UK English Breakfast. This isn't exactly your authentic typical English tea, but it comes pretty close.