Monday, February 24, 2014


I planted some potatoes the other day. I had never done this before so I am learning as I go.

I was in the Feed Store buying chicken feed and saw they had a bag of "seed potatoes" for sale. I asked about them and it sounded simple enough. I bought six potatoes which was two pounds - can't remember now how much they cost but I'm thinking about $2/lb. I'm not sure what makes them "seed" other than that they have been left awhile to grow eyes and start sprouting. Anybody else know?

I did a little more reading on the internet and learned that I should cut each potato into quarters, making sure each wedge had three or four eyes. Then I followed one suggestion to leave them out a day or two to dry the cut side. Apparently the moisture of the cut side can go moldy otherwise.

Since our raised beds have been pretty much just sitting there since last autumn, I didn't have much preparation work. I just dug a few holes about six inches deep and put one potato wedge in each hole, spacing the holes about 12 inches apart.

That's it. I just leave them now and wait for them to grow.

(Thanks to Bride for taking the photos.)

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