Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guineas Gone

Sadly, I must say that we've lost all our guineas and smallest chicks. Seems like every time I would go into town shopping and come home, another one would be gone. So we were down to 4 guineas and 5 chicks that were roaming freely and spending nights in the small coop. I would make sure they were all inside at dusk and shut the door.

We got home later than usual the other night (only 10:30) and when I went to shut their door, the coop was completely empty. There was no sign of them.

It was hard to see with my flashlight at the time, but in the morning I found a couple of areas with feathers but nothing else to indicate what might have happened. We are guessing something like a coyote or raccoon got them or scared them off. The next day one guinea came back, limping, but didn't come in that night. I also lost one of the bigger brown birds that night from the other coop. 

I'm down to 21 birds now. It seems you have to start with about twice as many chickens as you really want or need because so many get killed.

These photos were taken just a few days before they went missing. 

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