Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Lettuce

We have more lettuce again. The hydroponic towers aren't good for everything, but they are particularly good for lettuce. I tried to space out the planting so that the lettuce would be ready at different times, but somehow it's still all ready at the same time. It's mostly romaine with a little round and red thrown in for variety. I've found that the lettuce will just keep growing if you just snap off individual leaves - rather than taking the whole head. We usually have more than we can eat and start giving it away before it shoots up with seeds. We like it best as a Caesar salad.


  1. You really do have the most amazing success with lettuce. I should do one of those hydroponics and put it in my greenhouse because lettuce doesn't do very well in my garden.

    1. And it's so easy too. No weeds. Too high for rabbits. Minimal bugs. Watering is set on a timer. The hardest thing is to make sure there's water in the barrel. The really nice thing is that lettuce seems to love the cooler weather so I don't have to worry about cold winter nights.