Friday, November 7, 2014

More Wood Chips

When grass (weeds?) started appearing in the wood chips, Guv'nor decided we needed a thicker layer of wood chips. So when the landscape company phoned the other day with a good offer, he accepted it.

What we didn't think about was that it had rained the day before. So when the truck arrived, it, of course, got stuck in the mud. Thankfully, we can now offer help with our tractor.

Over the course of the next few days, Guv'nor was able to spread the wood chips and more manure on top of the existing pile. He read somewhere that cardboard boxes are a good weed barrier, so he put as much as we had under the wood chips.

Now we are growing mushrooms.


  1. I have a most excellent recipe for mushroom and brie soup that I can share. :)

    1. Would love to have it sometime. The only problem is we don't know which are the safe mushrooms to eat and are too scared to try them. Store bought for us!