Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Swimming Pool

We will admit we've embraced the rural life. A few years ago we would have dismissed the thought of an above ground pool. But Daughter thought we needed one and bought us one a couple of weeks ago on sale at Walmart. She came home and helped us put it together.

The only spot level enough for it was right in front of the house in an area where grass doesn't grow anyway. Yes, right in the front of the house. Yes, we've embraced life in the country.

Guv'nor and Daughter worked outside putting the frame together and setting up the liner. Meanwhile, teenage Daughter and her friend worked inside putting together the ladder. Grandson helped immensely by fetching connecting pieces when needed.

It took about 24 hours to fill the pool with the garden hose.

We enjoyed the following week swimming in nice clear un-chlorinated water before the algae began to appear and we had to add chlorine.

We are going to take it down in a few months to store for the winter. And, no, it won't fit back in the box. 

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