Monday, August 17, 2015

Lots of Hay

We were finally able to cut and bale hay last month. Due to our extremely wet spring, we had to wait for the fields to dry out before anything could be cut. By the time it was dry, we had to wait a further couple of weeks before our friends with the equipment were available.

We were hoping for an increase over last year, but didn't expect as much as we got. We only cut hay from the 6 acre pasture in front of the house because the cows are taking care of the other pastures. We were able to get 420 bales this year. That's well over double what we had last August when we were very pleased with the 175 that we got. In the photos, it's hard to see how thick and deep the cut grass was before it was baled.

It is quite pretty looking out the front door and seeing all those little bales lined up. Guv'nor had a different thought, though, as he was worried about where to put them. Square bales need to be covered from the rain.

So after a couple days of shuffling things around, he managed to make room for them in three places: the cow barn, the ramshackled shed, and under the workshop awning. Then he spent a week working mornings and evenings to put them away, since midday is just too hot. He also had to wear long trousers and long sleeves because the hay is prickly. He hooked the trailer to one of the four wheelers, so he could move about 25 bales at a time. Daughter helped a few days driving the four wheeler and even shifting the bales on the trailer. I'm too much of a weakling to be much help lifting those 60 pound bales, so I concentrated on washing clothes and cooking. This was another time we could have used a couple of young farm hands with strong backs.

Thanks to Guv'nor and Daughter for providing most of the photos.

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