Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Second Cut

We had some nice rain in June (8 inches according to Guv'nor) so the grass has grown nicely. Nicely enough to have a second cut only seven weeks later. Some people say the second cut of the year is usually the best.

Guv'nor has spent many hours pulling weeds (milkweed and thistle heads) in the front pasture so the hay was mostly weed free. This pasture is mostly sandy loam which Bahia grass thrives on. Bahia grass has a "V" shaped end to the stem. There is an area of clay in the middle of the field which grows native grass which is inferior. Guv'nor is hoping to improve this area over time.

We hired our neighbors again with the hay equipment to cut the 6 acre field in front of the house. We got 175 square bales this time. Guv'nor figures we had a 20% increase compared to the first cut.

The pasture is still fairly green after being cut, so if we get some rain this month we might get a third cut this year.

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