Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zero Turn

We have needed a good lawn mower for a long time. The one we've been using is an electric walk behind one that we brought with us from Florida.

Guv'nor researched zero turn lawn mowers and came to the same conclusion as Neighbor that Toro made the best one for our situation. He chose the SS5060 model which has a Kawasaki motor, dual speed controls, and two deck washout nozzles. He discovered that the local hardware store could order it, and even better, could service it in the future. It took them a couple of months to get the exact model that he wanted. When it arrived, we both went down to look at it. I wanted to make sure that I could handle it, if and when the need arises. It will fit on our trailer, but the store delivered it and gave us a lesson on how to use it.

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