Friday, August 29, 2014

Blue Tractor

Guv'nor liked the blue tractor that he saw the other day and the owner accepted his offer! The deal even included delivery to our house.

So we are now the happy owners of a New Holland tractor. It is a 2002 model with 72 horsepower and 850 hours. It came with a front loader attachment and a bucket.

The sale didn't include any manuals, so Guv'nor has ordered both an instruction manual and a maintenance manual. Once they arrive and he's had a good read, he will be ready to start using it and able to show me what to do.

Our friend Fireman came over the other day to have a look at our new purchase and thought we got a good deal. He even fixed the air conditioning switch that I broke the first day fiddling with things!

The tractor was delivered on a flat bed trailer.

The tractor was secured with several large chains.

The large rear tires bumped down the gap between the trailer and the ground

The front loader and bucket were skillfully used to get the front tires off the trailer.

Our new blue tractor

The sale didn't include any rear attachments.

The inside of the cab with a cushioned suspension seat

The dashboard has a digital display with essential information.

The control lever for the rear hydraulic attachments

The joystick for the front loader and bucket

The usual switches for lights and windshield wipers

 I fiddled with the air conditioning and heating switch and broke it. :(

The radio

The essential cup holder and forward and reverse shuttle

The gear lever has 4 ranges with 4 gears in each range with a total of 16 gears.

The orange knob is the throttle and the yellow knob is the P.T.O. (power take off for rear drive).

The external tool box attached over the rear tire

The front bucket

The front loader with the bucket

Fireman fixed the air conditioning switch!!

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