Monday, August 25, 2014

Six Calves

We took delivery of six cute calves recently. We've done a deal with Neighbor to buy some of his Red Angus cows at around $2 per pound. We are going to get five more cows in a few weeks, all most likely pregnant and due to calf early next year.

The heifer calves are all under a year old, newly weaned and separated from their mothers. The cows that we will be getting will not be related to these calves, because they need to be separated from their weaned calves. If the cows and calves are together too long, then when the new calves are born in the spring, the older calves will not let the younger calves get to the cow's milk. So it works out well for both us and Neighbor that we can mix and match the cows and calves to allow them to be separated and weaned.

No names have been given yet.

Here are the six cute calves.

The calves like to stay near the feeding trough under the trees.

This one stood still long enough to take her picture.

Cattle cubes are a treat for the calves.

The calves are able to roam the field to find grass they like.

They manage to find the best grass.

They like to sit in the shade of the trees.

These two heifer calves are sorting out who is boss.

Guv'nor is hoping to get them to eat out of his hand.

They come up to the fence to see if you have a treat for them.

The water trough has an auto-fill valve and is on a cart so it can be moved around the field.

Fence poles were put around the water faucet to protect it from the the calves.

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