Friday, February 5, 2016

Fighting Roosters

Our two roosters have started fighting. I only noticed it the other day when I saw they were both torn up and bleeding. I'm wondering if it was the Full Moon.

It's actually more like one rooster is picking on the other rooster. He's such a bully. And they had been getting along so well. The two were hatched at the same time and are the same age. And since we hadn't had any conflicts I figured they had sorted out who was boss early on. One has clearly been the dominant rooster all this time, especially with the girls. So I'm not sure what changed. I'm blaming the moon.

The fight consists of one pecking and pulling on the other's red comb and neck. Thus the blackened combs.
So for now, the stronger one "rules the roost" and the weaker one hides anywhere he can and stays out of the way.

Beaten up and defeated

Blackened comb

Hiding wherever he can

The boss

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