Monday, February 1, 2016

Round Bales

The grass in the pastures hasn't been enough to keep the cows fed and healthy. Guv'nor has been working hard to improve the quality of the grass in the pastures since we bought the property. So he's quite careful where he puts the cows at times when it's too wet because the cows will ruin all his hard work on the grass.

So we have been giving them some hay from our stockpile. Guv'nor started putting out 4 square bales in the evening, but that soon proved too difficult. Either he got home too late, he would be too tired, it would be raining, or four wouldn't be enough. So we had this idea to put out a couple round bales on the weekend to last through the week.

We've had the round bales sitting around out in the open for a long time and weren't sure if they would be good. Plus the bales came from one of the early cuttings back before we had done anything to improve the grass. He uses the tractor to move the bales around. He also puts out a couple of square bales for the bull calves who are in a separate field.

We inherited the round hay bale feeders from the Priors. One is in fairly good condition, but the other one is a bit rusty. It has taken a couple of weeks but he's able to get the bales right where he wants them. He also has been putting a few bales on the ground, but the cows make a mess with them.

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