Friday, March 11, 2016


Since I've been spending more time outdoors feeding animals, I have had to come up with some warmer clothing.  I don't like to wear my clean inside clothes outside, nor wear my muddy outside clothes inside - for obvious reasons.

I've found that layering works best for me even though it takes awhile sometimes to put it all on, and take it all off. And it's not very fashionable. I'm glad no one sees me except the animals!

I've been collecting various items of clothing from thrift stores and things around the house we already had. I have bought a few new things: wool ski mask, ear muffs, and a pair of waterproof trousers. The good thing about layers is, depending on the weather, I can keep adding on layers until I'm warm.

One particularly cold, wet morning, I think I had up to five layers on.  Surprisingly, it's my ears that get the coldest. If I don't have them covered well, I tend to get an earache.

Possible layers include:
  • Head/neck: ski mask, ear muffs, knitted hat, scarf, sweatshirt hood, raincoat hood.
  • Torso: tank top, thermal long sleeve, pullover sweater, fleece vest, sweatshirt, windbreaker/raincoat.
  • Legs: thermal pants, sweatpants, waterproof pants.
  • Feet: socks, wool shoe inserts, wellie/rain boots.
  • Hands: fingerless gloves, work gloves.

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  1. I love my insulated coveralls. They're my all winter wear. Every time I go out, I just slip them on over whatever I'm wearing in the house...even my pajamas :) and off I go. No worries about getting dirty or cold.