Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No Water

Just when I thought there wasn’t much to talk about, we woke up this morning to find that we had very low water pressure.

Our house has water provided by the local cooperative water company, a bit like city water or mains water. It’s piped underground from some mysterious source somewhere. It's something you don't think about much until you don't have it.

One of our goals to be self-sufficient is to have our own water source. Coincidentally, the guys from the seismic company arrived this morning to drill a few test holes to see where we might be able to drill a well and how deep it would have to be. They take away their findings and analyze it before letting us know the results.

Meanwhile, the water company arrived and checked various meters and holes in the ground and decided that it wasn’t their problem. Apparently the problem is between the road and the house - so it’s our problem now. We’ve phoned a plumber.

Looks like the previous owners left us another present.


Full force cold water

The seismic company set out flags where they were going to do their tests - four in all

The seismic test hole - they fire a shotgun shell into the hole for their test


  1. Update for those of you worried about our water situation: a plumber finally came today, assessed the problem, went away for the part, and came back to install the part. We have water again and everyone can take showers!!

  2. Wow, being in Texas with no water is a very bad thing. Glad it all got worked out.

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