Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Our property was littered with trash when we arrived. We were surprised and disappointed that the previous owners would just leave so much trash scattered around. We’ve found lots of interesting things, but rarely anything useful: old tax returns (we burned these, by the way), fish tank, exercise equipment, old tires, cow skull, old rugs, paint cans, barbed wire, car bumpers, partially buried fridge, rusty farm equipment, BBQ grill. The list could go on. Hours have been spent going around the property collecting up some of the smaller trash into a pile to be disposed. We’re trying to arrange to have the larger pieces taken away by a scrap metal company.

I admit I am a hoarder. I have trouble getting rid of things that I think might be useful one day. I also have trouble getting rid of sentimental things that have no particular value. I won’t throw away a cracked teapot. Instead I will glue it back together and it becomes a "to look at" teapot. But I don’t have any trouble throwing away trash. I don’t like seeing trash laying around, and I certainly wouldn’t want to leave any of it when I moved. That’s just sheer laziness. We keep wondering what they were thinking ... “That’s broken, I think I’ll just throw it behind the shed.” ??
Rusty farm equipment

Rusty BBQ grill
Partially buried fridge

Car bumpers


  1. The partially buried fridge is my favorite. How long did it have to sit there to get like that??

    1. Years apparently. I didn't post the photo of the TREE growing out of an old tire.