Thursday, December 13, 2012


We’ve had a couple of really cold nights. Freezing cold in the 20’s.

I tried to protect my hydroponic vegetables by covering them up with sheets. (I finally found a use for all those flat sheets I have.)  Guv'nor suggested picking as much lettuce as I could, which I did.

Some of the plants are looking droopy, so I think I’ve lost about half of my lettuces. We’ve had several weeks of fresh salads, so I am less concerned about them. I didn’t want to lose my cauliflower or broccoli, that were just popping out. I think they will recover.

I was glad I’d taken a few photos of everything just before the freeze.

Pre-freeze: cabbage

Pre-freeze: parsley

Pre-freeze: broccoli

Pre-freeze: carrots

Covering with sheets

Post-freeze: droopy lettuces

Post-freeze: more droopy lettuces

Post-freeze: carrots and broccoli

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