Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It’s looking festive around here. Town put up their annual lighted Christmas tree right in the middle of the street. I guess you can do that in a small town.

Guv’nor and the daughters worked diligently over the weekend to get a few strings of lights on the house. I’m having more sympathy for those people (I once thought too extravagant) who just throw away their lights each year and buy new ones. The amount of time spent on checking and fixing the lights would pay for the new lights, not to mention the aggravation. Still we were a little amazed that those big bulb lights worked at all considering they are about 10 years old and had spent a couple of years permanently fixed to the outside of our previous house.

But what joy when they do all work!

Unfortunately our joy was short lived. The lights (those 10 year old ones) along the roof line went out the next day. In the confusion, Guv’nor was heard saying phrases like “completely ruined”, “plugs melted”, “total waste of time”, “taking them all down”.

Meanwhile, I searched frantically online for replacements that could be delivered before Christmas. I finally found (and ordered) some commercial ones that should last us awhile. Maybe they'll arrive in time to put them up over the weekend.

My contribution was hanging a wreath and garland on the front door and wreaths on the three dormer windows.

Lighted Christmas tree in the middle of street.

Guv'nor working hard on the lights.

Double stranded fairy lights wrapped around the back deck.

Fairy lights wrapped around the front porch pillars.

My contribution: wreaths and garland

Guv'nor says: "Come quickly and see the lights while they're working."

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