Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Cards

We enjoy sending Christmas cards each year. But I must admit, I’m relieved when I get them all in the mailbox. Then I can enjoy Christmas.

With family and friends in the US and UK our mailing list could be extensive. So over the years, the criteria (with a few exceptions) would be if we saw someone regularly, we wouldn’t send them a card. My reasoning is, after all, if we see them regularly we can wish them a Merry Christmas in person.

In recent years we’ve tried to include a family photo. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge, because we don’t use a professional photographer. Usually I scour photos taken during the year and choose one that’s suitable. It could be one from a family holiday or wedding. One of my favorites was the year it was a photo taken at Chipotle.

So this year, we decided to take a photo on Thanksgiving, specifically for our Christmas card. After we filled ourselves at the dinner table, we stepped outside on the back deck and took advantage of the softer late afternoon light with the autumn leaves in the background.

Luckily, Daughter has a good camera with a delay that she managed to set up on a ladder. We thought we’d add a touch of sentimentality by using Grandpa’s old blue chair, which Guv’nor sat in. Plus this year we added a couple of cute dogs.

We patiently sat and posed and took about 30 photos. In the end we got one good one.

Merry Christmas.


  1. Lovely family photos - thanks for sharing. I do enjoy "We Love Texas" and look forward to receiving it. Happy New Years to you all. Affectionately, Colette

  2. I miss you all very much! Looking forward to catching up on your blog, as I've been away from blogger for awhile. Hope you all are doing well! Happy new year, hugs, and much love to you from us!