Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Bedrooms

Just about the time we were getting ourselves unpacked and organized, we realized we were going to need more bedrooms. We decided that the “bonus” room upstairs would be more practical for us if there were several bedrooms and another bathroom.

We got recommendations on builders, drew up plans, and got estimates. Then we chose our contractor and started the “three week” job at the end of October, hoping to finish before Thanksgiving. In all, the work took over 30 working days to complete. We had about ten different sub-contractors on the job, several working at the same time. The saying, “twice as long and twice as much,” has been true this time.

With the extra bedrooms now complete, the race is on to get organized before Christmas.

The plan

The bonus room with all the furniture removed

The bonus room with carpet removed

The first day about 10 people arrived with supplies in three or four trucks.

This truck somehow managed to maneuver our driveway to bring drywall.

Over 40 double sheets of dry wall had to go upstairs.

The rooms framed

The rooms framed with insulation

Dry wall installer on stilts

The trim wood was stacked in the hallway for days.

New doors - 10 in all

The carpenters set up on the driveway

Finished bedroom

Finished bedroom with dormer windows

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