Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Family Tree

One of the interesting things for me about living in East Texas is that I'm so close to where my ancestors used to live. I am planning to do more research into my family tree now that we live within driving distance of some of the places where my grandparents and great-grandparents lived.

I set out the other day to go shopping in Waxahachie (they have both a Target and a Chick-Fil-A) but got a little sidetracked because I wanted to find the graves of some of the family. I had searched online and found at least three graves with the family surname. I used my GPS to find the Waxahachie Cemetery and phoned a city employee to direct me to the general area within the cemetery. I was very excited to find a couple gravestones with the family name. I have since discovered that most likely they were distant relatives rather than direct ancestors.

I also went to the county courthouse and tried to find an address where they used to live. I thought it would be neat to drive by an old house where my great-grandparents lived. I managed to find records of deeds within the time frame, but the ladies at the desk didn't seem to know how to read the books. I plan to do more homework before I go again.

Waxahachie Cemetery entrance

Waxahachie Cemetery historial marker

The oldest section of the cemetery is at the back.

Family surname but not a direct ancestor

Deed index at the County Courthouse

One of the pages in the deed index

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  1. Oh they have such lovely penmanship! Mark, my brother, has started a family tree thing. When we meet in April am hoping that my dad and Aunt can shed some light on some of our long ago family! SQN