Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Picnic Areas

Roadside picnic areas (not to be confused with Rest Areas) are very common in rural east Texas. On a trip into town we might pass 2 or 3 on the way. Quite often there will be cars or trucks stopped at them. The ones in our area seem to be older ones based on the style but also seem to be fairly well maintained. All of them will have a few tables and trash cans under some nice shade trees.

The picnic areas remind me of my childhood. We traveled many times across the state to visit my grandmother in east Texas and would stop at these places to eat or get out and play. This was before drive-thru fast food places and huge gas stations and interstate freeways. I have one vivid memory of me standing on one of the picnic tables as my mother laid out the food.

It surprises me a bit now that the picnic areas are still used, considering there are many more modern alternatives to these simple pullovers by the side of the highway.

Picnic area between the two sides of a divided highway.

Picnic areas have plenty of nice trees for shade.

Most of the tables are solid older ones made of brick and concrete.

This area looks out over a retention pond.

This little picnic area is just a little pullover on the side of the highway.

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  1. They have these in Kentucky as well. I remember George bringing his little grill with hambergers that we would cook out when we would go to the country to look at his acreage! Good memories. Plus the hamburgers tasted really good!