Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fence Line

As you may have guessed, all the fences on our property have been very neglected. So in preparation for future animals, we’ve been working on our perimeter fence line. The trees on the fence line along the road were also very overgrown despite the fact that the county comes along regularly and trims back the branches that hang over the road.

The first step was to remove all fencing and thin out the trees. Our friend (I’ll call him) Tevia has been working for several weeks using a chainsaw to cut down dozens of trees. He’s piled the trees into three large burn piles for future bonfires. Putting up the new fencing will be the next step.

These pictures were taken over the past several weeks.

The trees had grown into the fences.

Although the thick trees were great for privacy, they made it almost impossible to repair the fences.

The trees were thinned out to about 5-6 feet between each one.

We have three nice piles for future bonfires.

The lower branches were also trimmed.

The new tree line along the road.

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  1. I loved roaming around your land when we visited! Am planning to bring Mark and Guthrie some day! SQN