Monday, February 18, 2013

Second Planting

Since the weather is warming up some, I decided I should plant some more seedlings for the spring. Before I could plant the new ones, though, I had to tidy up the dead plants. About half the fall plants are finished, but I’m still waiting for the Brussels sprouts to be ready and for the cabbage and broccoli to finish. I found a few seedlings at Walmart the other day so I thought I’d use them to begin with. I’ve also started more lettuces from seeds.

Dead plants need to be taken out before planting new seedlings.

I bought two trays of lettuces: romaine and red.

They immediately made my pots look pretty. I am trying not to crowd them this time.

I'm trying a few strawberry plants but I already know they won't be enough.

My first cabbage head was so pretty and made some yummy cole slaw.

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  1. Was wondering if you still had a problem with deer eating out of your planters? Starting to think I should be growing some of our food, seems to be very $$$$ when going to the store, here in Tampa! SQN