Monday, March 4, 2013

Traps: 2

WARNING: This post contains pictures of dead mice.

We had good success with our mouse traps the other night. As you might remember, I set out eight traps - two in the garage and six in the attic. All through the night we heard noises as the traps went off. In the morning we were very surprised to find that of the six traps upstairs, five had been successful in catching a mouse. The sixth trap was completely gone and we still haven't found it. Nothing was caught in the garage.

The Guv'nor kindly took care of them for me since I was too afraid to touch them. I had planned to just throw it all away but he thought that would be a waste of a good trap. So he dealt with the dead mice
(you don't want to know) and I was able to use the traps again.

The second night I set out six traps in the attic, leaving one in the garage just in case. In the morning, we had caught one more mouse in the attic.

Just when I was going to give up on the traps in the garage, we caught one a few days later. He didn't seem to mind that the cheese was a week old.

I'm going to leave a few traps upstairs and in the garage all the time and hopefully keep any future problem under control
. Or until we get a cat.

We caught five field mice the first night. They were almost cute, if they hadn't been living in our attic.

The Guv'nor didn't seem to have any problem picking them up by the tail and tossing them in the woods.

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