Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I finally pulled up some of my root vegetables yesterday. They have been growing since last October in the ground tubs. Since they're under the ground it's hard to know exactly what's growing under there until you've pulled them up - and then it's too late to put them back. So I've been waiting until I thought they would be ready.

I had only planted a few as an experiment (actually most of my hydroponic plants are an experiment) so whatever did happen to grow would only be a taster. I did learn, though, that I should space them out more because I had crowded them so much they grew intertwined with each other. I need to read the seed packets better. I'm not really growing enough to feed the family yet, but I am learning along the way. They did make a nice addition to the roast chicken meal last night.

I also pulled the little onions and parsnips that were growing in the other ground tubs. And a few little Brussels sprouts. I'm about ready to remove the broccoli plants because they've mostly gone to flowers. I have left them this long for the bees.

My cilantro was taking over (a bit like the parsley) so I've cut it back and am drying it the same way I did the parsley.

My best carrots

My best parsnip

Washed and ready to use

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  1. Nice!!!! We didn't plant a fall or winter garden. I'm disappointed. Your harvest looks lovely. (Be sure to check out my latest post about the FC tea).