Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'd heard about Texas bluebonnet flowers, but it wasn't until the other day on the way up to Dallas that I actually saw any of them. All those years visiting my grandmother in the winter and summer I somehow missed the bluebonnet season.

Bluebonnets seem to love to grow along the side of the highway. I kept seeing all these strips of blue flowers along the road and finally stopped to see what they were. The sheer vastness of them is what makes them so pretty. It reminded me of fields of lavender in England, or the poppies in California.

Texans do love their bluebonnets. It is, after all, the state flower. The variety grown in Texas even has it's own Texas name: Lupinus texensis. There's also a website for tracking sightings of them.

As usual, my pictures don't do them justice. So you'll just have to come see them for yourself.

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