Friday, March 8, 2013


I had so much parsley the other day that it was crowding and shading the other plants. So I cut several handfuls off and brought them in the house to dehydrate and store for later use. 

I washed them off and snapped off (with Daughter's help) the tender leaves from the tougher stems. Then I spread them out on a large baking tray to dry a couple of days. I got impatient, so I put it all in the dehydrator for a couple of hours. I've got enough parsley now for several years - and some to share.

The parsley was growing very well and taking over.

Washed and trimmed and spread on a large baking tray.

Dark green and shiny parsley

My dehydrator is a Nesco brand with four trays.

The parsley took up three trays.

The parsley didn't look very different once it was dried, except it was brittle.

I put it all on a paper towel and crunched it up and removed any stems.

This jam jar of parsley will probably last me 5 years.


  1. How cool, wish I was next door I'd come over and borrow some or Buy it!!!!!

  2. Farmer's Market! Start one! :-) DM