Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homecoming Week

It was Homecoming Week up at the high school last week. We are beginning to look forward to these local events, but it still surprises and amazes me how the town comes out to support them. Even the retired people at church were talking about it. It really is homecoming week for the whole town.

Daughter is becoming more involved with school activities and this year has volunteered for a few extra things. Last spring she ran for a class officer position on the student council and ended up being elected class president (we're still not sure how that happened!). She's on the small yearbook staff and is one of the main photographers. So between student council and yearbook, it was a busy week for her.

Each day of the week was an approved dress up day to build school spirit for the Friday night football game. For instance, Monday was "Movie Star Monday." Daughter dressed up as Audrey Hepburn and was disappointed hardly anyone knew who she was. Some of her classmates recognized the name, but weren't sure who she was and hadn't seen any of her films. Even most of the teachers didn't know. I was shocked. Had none of them ever seen Charade? My Fair Lady? Roman Holiday? Breakfast at Tiffany's? (just to name a few) Oh dear. Where are we? Oh, well, so she had a little educating to do. The other dress up days went better - professional dress, clashing clothes, throwback Thursday, breast cancer Friday.

Guv'nor and I went to the football game on Friday night. We figured we needed to show our school spirit, after all we want to be part of the local community. It was a mild evening, the mosquitoes were biting, and the benches were hard. Daughter was there taking photos. The marching band performed at half-time. It was a tough game. We lost.

Then after being out late Friday, the whole town was up and out again on Saturday morning for the Homecoming Parade down Main Street. Daughter needed to take photos of the homecoming court and football team, so I took her up there and stayed to watch. It had mostly the same elements as the parade last year, but with different people, cars, trucks, and trailers. The children just come for the candy and line up and wait for it to be thrown to them - almost better than Halloween. I kept holding my breath as the little ones would dash out to pick up a Tootsie Roll very close to the wheels of a trailer.

Daughter's version of Audrey Hepburn

Surprisingly she's everywhere. This hangs at my hair salon.

The Friday night lights are very bright.

Daughter is allowed down on the field to take photos. (on the right in pink)

The band performed at half-time. Most of the high school is in the band.

They attempted an adapted version of the 1812 Overture.

The mascot made a visit to the fans in the stands.

The band was dressed casually for the parade.

The Grand Marshall was from the Class of 1946.

The King and Queen rode on the back of a convertible.

Some of the court rode in a boat.

The children dashed around to pick up the candy being thrown.

The local veterans had a float to support the building project of the Veteran's Park.

The class of 1963 had a good turn out.

The garden club had a flowery float.

The water truck followed the fire engine.

Daughter in action.

The parade ended with a horse drawn old pioneer wagon.

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