Wednesday, October 23, 2013

State Fair

We went to the State Fair of Texas last weekend. We had been talking about going, and then, before we knew it, the last days of the fair were here. So we decided to go after school and work on Friday and enjoy the fair in the evening.

We arrived just after 5 p.m. and took advantage of the Dr. Pepper deal. All we had to do was take a few empty cans to the Dr. Pepper representative standing near the entry gates, and she gave us a coupon which saved us $9 each. The regular admission is $17, so we got in for $8.

We had three objectives on this visit:
1. Ride the big Ferris wheel
2. See the new Big Tex
3. Eat a corn dog

We had heard the line for the Ferris wheel might be long, so we decided to go there first.  The fair is completely coupon based. So we started out buying 60 coupons for $30. The Ferris wheel took 14 coupons each, or $7 for the ride.

The Texas Star was interesting enough to merit another post. Read here.

We visited Big Tex just as the sun was setting which gave him a strange glow. We weren't sure we could tell he was much different. We still found his eyes and eyebrows a bit creepy.

Luckily the corn dog stand was in the same area so we got our corn dog. Guv'nor chose a jalapeno one. Daughter opted out and got a smoked turkey leg instead.

We walked around awhile, looked at the new cars, saw the lighted parade, ate a funnel cake, and looked at the tractors. By then, we were ready to go home. We had to buy one single coupon to use up our remaining coupons and bought a bottle of water. 

As we were leaving we started adding up the cost of our "fun family outing" - about $100, without adding the cost of gas. It was an expensive evening, but worth it once a year.

Parking $15
Admission $24
Coupons $60.50 (ride and food)

The coupons came in sheets of 15.

The new Big Tex at sunset.

Here's the back view, just in case you were wondering.

The history of Big Tex was displayed around the garden where he stands. His eyes were really creepy in the 50's.

His eyes were better by the 60's.

Big Tex is in the spotlight at night. The Texas Star is in the background.

It's a not a fair without cotton candy everywhere.

Fletcher's is supposed to be the best.

The lighted parade

Big Tex had his own float in the lighted parade.

Daughter wanted to rest while Guv'nor looked at all the tractors.

This tractor set was a good deal, but Guv'nor is not quite ready to make that once-in-a-lifetime purchase just yet.

We all agreed we'd ride this one next year.

An expensive fun family outing.

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