Monday, October 7, 2013

Goat Shelter

Since the trade with Groom's parents, the little baby goats have been growing and getting bigger over at their farm until we were ready for them here. The main thing we needed was a shelter for them. So our handyman Tevia has built us a fine shelter using more of our reclaimed wood from our old deck and some old metal panels from the cow shed. We've got it set up with some cattle fencing surrounding it. Hopefully we can eventually train the goats to stay within an electronet fencing and not jump over. But for the first few weeks the higher fencing will protect them.

These are the old metal panels from the cow shed repair.

We used boards from our old deck.

One end has a window.

The shelter was built on a frame that can be pulled around the pastures.

Tevia's design mimics an old pioneer wagon.

The Dutch door design provides options for ventilation and feeding.

The first grazing location was around an overgrown tree.

The gate will allow us easy access into the goat area.

Field fencing was added along the bottom of the cattle panels for extra protection.

The cattle panels are about six feet tall.

The plan is to move the goats around to clear the overgrown areas.

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