Friday, March 13, 2015

Too Much Rain

I never thought I'd be saying this, but we've had too much rain lately and we just want it to stop. We've had several days of steady rain which has turned the pastures into mud baths. The ground is past saturation levels and is now just pooling in places.  The run off has made the creek rise almost to the flood zone.

Guv'nor says the reason for the near flooding is due to a much colder than average February and March. The drying out process is slow with the cloud cover. As I write, it is raining again. We had 2" of rain the other day, when the monthly average is 2.6". In addition, the end of 2014 was also wetter than average.

We are thankful we have an additional tank to capture some of the water. We know we will be needing the extra water in the hot summer months.

New tank before the recent rain

New tank after the recent rain

This side of the new tank has spilled over the edge since this photo was taken.

The creek behind our property was almost to the top of the flood zone. (photo taken at the bridge downstream)

The sleet and snow has melted and adds to the overall rainfall.

The cows churn the pasture into a mud bath.

Even the chickens are able to reduce a grassy area into mud in course of one day.

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