Friday, March 20, 2015


One thing we've realized is that we need a good pair of waterproof boots, which we call Wellies (short for Wellington boots). We try not to wear our outside shoes inside the house. You never know what you've stepped in that you'll bring into the house. Last year I bought a cheap pair ($18) at the farm store not realizing how much I would use them, but within about six months they had split in several places. There is not much else so worthless as waterproof boots that aren't waterproof! So this year I paid a bit more and bought a more substantial pair which I hope will last a couple of years.

I finally persuaded Guv'nor that he needed a pair, too, for his trips out to feed the cows. His first pair lasted a couple of weeks until he stepped on a mesquite thorn which ripped a hole in one. He's on his second pair, too.

Over the years we have collected several pairs of wellies as the children got bigger. For some reason, I saved all of them just in case we might need them. We didn't use them very much, but when we needed them, we really needed them. We've got sizes that range from Child 5 to Adult 11.

I cleaned them all the other day after the family had been home for the weekend. We had used almost every pair we had. I set them out in the sun for awhile to dry.

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