Thursday, June 15, 2017

Knitting for Boys

It has taken me awhile to get these knitting projects finished. I had thought I'd enjoy sitting and quietly knitting as I recovered from my surgery, but it turned out I just didn't have the concentration or patience for it until recently. 

For the little blue romper, I used a pattern I found online ( here ) but it was in Spanish. So I copied and pasted sections into Google Translate and was able to get the gist of the instructions. A few words didn't translate into knitting terms, but I worked it out. They had provided clear photos so all I really needed was type of yarn, size of needles, numbers of stitches and rows. I used Drops You fingering weight cotton yarn.

The pattern for the little vests came from Drops Design, Baby-Drops 21-8 pattern. I had some extra yarn from the romper which I used for one. And for light blue one I used Wendy Happy fingering weight yarn in a bamboo/nylon blend. 

The solid blue pieces were given to a special baby nearby. The light blue vest went to a niece in Florida for her sweet boy.