Thursday, June 8, 2017

More Random Eggs

It seems like every day I was finding eggs in different places. Outside on the ground. On the coop shelf. In the potato plants. In the rose bushes. In the chicken run. So finally I decided it was time to clip wings on the chickens that were getting out. Turns out it was the same three birds getting out and once I clipped their wings I haven't had any more eggs outside the coop. Should have done it sooner.

On the ground

On the ledge in the chicken coop amongst the chicken poop.

In the potato plants

In the rose bushes

In the dirt of the chicken run


  1. This post was pretty hilarious. What were those chicken's thinking?? Glad you found a solution. I think you have better things to do than search for eggs. I can think of one really cute distraction.

    1. The funniest place to me was with the potatoes, thinking the potato was an egg.