Monday, June 5, 2017

Lost Dogs

We had two stray dogs turn up in our yard a few weeks ago. They were sad looking and desperately hungry and thirsty. One of them had some sort of back brace on. This happened when the Factor was here and he had sympathy for them. He also got close enough to them to see that one had a tag on his collar with a phone number. Not something I would have done. I'm usually too scared of stray dogs.

Remind yourself here, here and here about our previous experiences with stray dogs.

So we phoned the number and told the man we had two of his dogs. I half expected him to deny they were his dogs. So many people dump their dogs in the country.

But he said he'd get someone to come get them. About thirty minutes later a truck load of people came. I might have been scared if I had been here on my own.


  1. I'm so glad someone wanted them back. I hate it when people dump their unwanted animals. Someone dumped a tiny kitten at the church bldg. It broke my heart to leave it there that morning, but I took a cage and some food with me that night and it was still there, so I brought it home. It had something wrong with it's eye, but I doctored it and it recovered quickly. I don't need another cat, but it was just too cruel to leave it there to starve or be killed by something.

    1. We actually need a couple of cats here. The one barn cat we had has gone missing. Plus a kitten would give Lilly a chance to get used to it. If you really don't want it.