Thursday, January 3, 2013


I love fireworks. Even though they are rather extravagant there is something special about them.

So imagine my excitement when I noticed that fireworks were being sold again. Here in Texas they are only sold twice a year - around the 4th of July and around New Year's.

We had Florida friends staying with us so we decided to treat ourselves and buy a box full of fireworks. We bought ours at the stand just outside of town.

Around 11 pm on New Year's Eve we began our show. We also invited Neighbors over to join us and they brought some as well.

I'll apologize up front about the quality of the photos.

Our box full of fireworks

Roman Candles have this disclaimer, which we ignored.

This was the best value at $6.

These were squealers.

Couldn't resist these.

Extra long sparklers

Sparklers were surprisingly hard to light.

The sparklers made lots of smoke.

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