Monday, January 7, 2013

Shelled Pecans

A few weeks ago I went over to pick up pecans from the yard of a couple at church. They described their pecans as "native". They were the smallest pecans I think I've ever seen. But I filled up my bucket in about an hour. Since then I've seen a pecan picker device that I would like to try instead.

I took my bucket up to a local place that advertises shelling pecans. They weighed them in at about 6 pounds. For 70 cents a pound they will shell them for you. What a bargain! They were busy so I left them and came back a few days later to pick them up. I got about 2 pounds of pecans.

I spiced them up and shared them with the couple at church.

My bucket about half full of native pecans.

They will crack them or crack and shell them.

I thought 70 cents a pound was a bargain.

My bucket was a tiny amount compared to the big bags that others had brought.

The brown bag of shelled pecans was quite oily.

The native pecan is about a half inch long but very tasty.

My 6 pounds was about 2 pounds shelled.

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