Monday, January 14, 2013

Meals on Wheels

I have volunteered to help deliver Meals on Wheels. I had heard about this service but had never known how to get involved. Neighbor’s wife asked if I’d like to help her deliver the meals once a month. She is taking over for her parents who have been delivering meals for several years.

The meals come from a nearby city and are delivered to the City Hall around 10 am on weekdays. The hot and cold parts of the meal are put into two different chests - one with a hot block and the other with ice. Volunteers are given the list of people and addresses. The list is arranged in a suggested route around town. Most of the meals go to the elderly, the ill, and the shut-ins. It takes us a little over an hour to do the route.

The day we helped, the meal was fajitas, rice, tortillas, fruit cup and milk.

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