Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When it's cold outside, it's nice to have something hot for breakfast. Guv'nor especially likes oatmeal.

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on my oatmeal recipe and method. I have found that slow cooking the oatmeal overnight is by far the easiest way. A small crockpot is perfect for this and only costs $5 at Target.

I use steel cut oats. These are very different from rolled oats. The oat grain is cut into pieces rather than rolled out. If you prefer a creamier, smooth texture, then you should use rolled oats. The package says to cook for 30 minutes, but ideally they should be soaked for several hours or overnight.
Things I learned in the process: don't bother to grease the pot (it sticks no matter what you do), don't use yogurt instead of milk, use some salt but not too much, a regular size crockpot doesn't work as well, WARM is the best setting, and you have to plug in the crockpot.

Here's the recipe I use, if you're interested:
(makes about 4 servings)
1 cup natural/organic steel cut oatmeal
3 cups filtered water
1 cup raw/grassfed/organic milk
dash salt
soft brown sugar or honey, to serve

I prefer Bob's Red Mill, but didn't have a bag to photograph.

Steel cut oats are not to be confused with rolled oats.

Put the three basic ingredients (oats, water, milk) and salt into the crockpot.

Give it a little stir but the oats will settle on the bottom.

Put the lid on, set on WARM, plug it in, and go to bed.

And just like magic, in the morning, it looks like this. Perfect oatmeal.

Give it a little stir and serve up with some soft brown sugar.

Soak the crockpot in water for a couple of hours before washing.

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